With celebrations spread out over a period of 9 days, Kala Ghoda Arts Festival has gained immense popularity right from its inception in 1999. It is organized by a non-profit organization called Kala Ghoda Association and takes place in the Kala Ghoda area of South Mumbai. The name Kala Ghoda means Black Horse, it was named after the presence of the black stone statue of King Edward VII mounted on a horse that was built by Jewish businessman and philanthropist Albert Abdullah David Sassoon. It is scheduled to take place

Located behind the Taj Mahal Hotel, Bademiya is an iconic and well known night food stall in the town famous for its kebab and curries. Established in the year 1946 by Mohammad Yaseen, who came to Bombay at the age of 13 from Bijnor, Uttar Pradesh started it as a small kabab outlet, it is now a popular chain of restaurants with multiple branches attracting foodies from various parts of the city at night.

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